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Comstepper - At your service!

Comstepper is here to support you - everyday and in special communications projects.

Easy to use

Choose the service and answer the questions. Comstepper takes you forward step by step. Easy to create a press release or plan your communications!

From everyday cases to special projects

Comstepper Pro will support you also in special projects: M&A cases, strategic issues or important changes, for instance.

Useful tips and additional material

Comstepper will provide you with useful tips and additional material. Whether you are communicating for the first time or a comms professional.

A digital communications
planning tool!

Supports your business everyday and in demanding communications situations.

Comstepper knows how to write a press release, plan the communication of your project, meet media or handle storms in social media.


  • Save your time!
  • Just answer the questions!
  • Print out a plan!

Basic and Pro

Comstepper Basic – Launched in Finnish

Comstepper Pro – Launched in Finnish

Comstepper in English – Let’s see!

  • Comstepper Basic, support in everyday communications
  • Comstepper Pro with additional features and planning tools for demanding situations
  • Comstepper in English? Maybe, we’ll see!

New, new, new!

Comstepper user, give us feedback: Share your ideas! Tell what you need!

What would you need in Comstepper?

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